Upcoming exhibition:

Leikkikenttä / Playground 

Saara Maria Tikka and Lea Lintula

19.9.-13.10.2019 / Kalasataman Vapaakaupungin Olohuone

Vernissage 18.9.2019 18-20 o'clock. Welcome!

Playground is an exploration into materials, feelings and the relationship between humans and nature. It’s an attempt to structure the chaotic and ominous world around us, while at the same time maintaining hope for balance and harmony. The exhibition provides peer support and a cosy place for the painful discussion of climate change, the pain of losing something and the fear of a dystopian tomorrow.

Playground is a space where we want to normalize conversations about feelings caused by climate change. A space where you are invited to play and explore the meanings we given to things, as well as the relationship to the environment and emotions. A space for experiencing feelings about the future and accepting them as a part of a worldview.

We are searching for balance between the emotional highs and lows.

The balance between human and nature.

It is natural for humans to try to arrange their environment so that it feels controllable. We try to build a structure from the pieces of our surroundings so we could find a place to belong. We shape our social and physical environment so that we can feel like a meaningful part of the world. We create a worldview that answers our existential questions and helps us function even when the future seems chaotic and frightening.

We believe that instead of running from painful facts and emotions, we should accept them as part of our lives.

Climate anxiety is common, especially among the young. As it is a real psychological pain caused by the global crisis it is important that climate change and climate anxiety have space in civil society. We believe there should be more space in the public discussions for individuals to express feelings of guilt, pain of letting go and fear of the future. 

The exhibition is placed in Kalasataman Vapaakaupungin Olohuone. Olohuone is a consumption free oasis in the middle of shopping center REDI. It’s a place where individuals can relax, talk, engage in hobbies and just be themselves. The contrast between the shopping center and the Playground exhibition highlights the gap between a consumption-based culture and our thoughts about climate change. 

The exhibition encourages people to stop for a while and accept all the sides of the conflicting world around us - not to blame people but to give time and space for thinking and experiencing. 

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Kalasataman Vapaakaupungin Olohuone
Shopping Center REDI, Hermannin rantatie 5, Helsinki

Opening hours:
mon-fri 10-19
sat 10-22.30
sun 12-17
Please check Vapaakaupunki website for the exceptions.


Pictures from "Surrounded by"

I'm so grateful for all who celebrated with me at the vernissage of my first solo exhibition and helped me to make it happen! And special thanks to Rosita Luu - her music and presence made the atmosphere magical. I was touched to have her performing. Click the picture to open in full size. 

Pictures of the vernissage and putting up the exhibition by Tony Pelkonen.


Upcoming exhibition
Surrounded by / 1-24.2.2019 / Myymälä2

Opening will take place 31.1.2019 18-21 o'clock. Magical indie artist Rosita Luu will be performing at 19.00.

I started to build an exhibition about my closest relationships and boundaries between me and others. Then, I noticed I was painting about loneliness. The way I work from my honest emotions revealed the way I observe the reality around me. All the wonders of the world - on the other side of the thin glass. I started to study the reflections of my melancholy and feeling of separation from the people around me. I try to reach the paradox of togetherness and loneliness. The exhibition isn't all about the sadness or grief - I am still surrounded by all the things I love.

Gallery Myymälä2
Uudenmaankatu 23 F,  Helsinki

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